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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baicor?

Baicor is a specialty fertilizer company that manufactures products for Agriculture, Home and Garden, and Turf. The plant is owned and operated in Logan, Utah, and all products are manufactured in the USA. Many products are designed for application on the leaves (foliar) but nutrients for the soil are also available. Facilitators are added to all nutrients to assist in uptake, translocation, and plant development.


What are Facilitators?

Organic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, and other natural products are used by certain plants to form chelates, increase uptake through leaf cuticle or root, translocate to various parts of the plant and increase the effectiveness for growth and development. Such components are added to Baicor products to facilitate these same actions.


What are Chelates?

Certain Nutrients such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, etc. are often fixed in the soil and made unavailable to plants. Chelates (a word meaning claw) are compounds that hold nutrients from soil fixation and release them on uptake for plant use.


Natural chelates are components such as organic acids and amino acids that are recognized by the plant, can be broken down and the nutrients released; the chelating substances can then be used for energy by the plant.


Synthetic Chelates (EDTA, EDDHA, etc) may at times be harmful to plant growth and development. Their use as a foliar is questionable.


What does the Plant require

for Growth and Development?

Plants are remarkable organisms; they require sunlight (for photosynthesis), carbon dioxide (to make the myriad of compounds needed for growth and development), water, air, and 13 mineral nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, SULFUR, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, chlorine, and molybdenum). A healthy plant with these components is able to grow and develop; it makes its own vitamins, fats, proteins, etc. required for its metabolism.


Why use a foliar?

Foliar application is the economical and effective way of providing the nutrients in a usable form, thus eliminatingsoil fixation.


Foliar application does not replace good soil management but supplements it in cases where soil nutrient fixation takes place or nutrients are required by the plant at a particular time for growth and development. Baicor's foliars are specially designed for foliar use as well as soil application. Our foliars are specifically designed to put the desired nutrients from the specified product into the plant through the leaf. The foliars are absorbed immediately (within hours) to help provide needed nutrients for growth, color, stamina, quality of plant, flower and fruit or vegetable. Use of foliars helps stimulate roots to take nutrients from the soil.


How are Baicor micronutrients different from other?

Our micronutrients have added facilitators which chelate nutrients in their usable form and help translocate them to the sites of growth and development. These facilitators are natural components such as organic acids, amino acids, and carbohydrates. They are compatible with other components such as phosphorus, and have a long shelf life.


Not all products are created the same. For example, Iron Chelate may look the same from a customer standpoint (the name) but there are many differences, such as raw materials used (ingredients) for effectiveness. Compatibility with other products, does it mix with other nutrients? Is the product chelated or complexed? (complexed is another word for weak chelate in simple terms). Micronutrients may also differ as to uptake, translocation and effectiveness.


What Baicor Fertilizers are available?

All nutrients required by the plant are available as single nutrients or in combination with other nutrients. Often certain soil conditions, such as high pH, cause a deficiency of micronutrients. Baicor provides a product (COMBO) containing all micronutrients in chelated form to alleviate this problem. A complete fertilizer containing all nutrients (Gold Star) is available for vegetables, flowers, shrubs, etc. Fertilizers are formulated to increase blooming and fruit set (Uptake); to use in starting plants in pots, hanging baskets, etc. (Nutra Gel and Nutra Green); to increase germination and seedling growth (Plant Starter and NBE); to improve soils (Soil Stimulator), etc.


What is a chelate?

Natural chelates have a high binding capacity or stability which permits micro nutrients like iron, copper and calcium to mix with other macro-nutrients. There is accumulation of residues in plant or in the soil with synthetic chelates such as EDTA or HEDTA. Depending on the chelate it will influence effectiveness of nutrient or product. There are natural chelates that the plant can utilize within the plant as an energy or food source as well as protect the nutrient until the nutrient is released to the plant. Synthetic chelates may chelate nutrients but there are concerns about burning plants as a foliar as well as concerns of what happens to the synthetic chelate once it has released the nutrient (it cannot be broken down by the plant). A synthetic chelate once in the plant may release a nutrient but immobilize another essential nutrient.

What is a complex and how is it different from a chelate?

Complexes are not 100% chelated products and are not meant to be mixed with phosphorus in general. Our complexes are extremely effective due to using natural organic and amino acids and carbohydrates to help in greater translocation and uptake for the plant. The nutrients are generally higher in percentage and are less costly as well.


Some complexes (other competitors) that are not chelated 100% are claimed as chelates, and may not be effective when mixed with phosphate.


Can that small of an amount really help me?

When products are applied as a foliar the plants take up the nutrients through the cuticle and stomata in the leaves. This is very effective and efficient.


A foliar from 1- 4 quarts per acre is a common recommendation. Soil and tissue labs recommend these amounts depending on nutrients needed. Our products get to the growth source where development is affected.


Is it expensive?

What is the cost?

Can I afford your product?

Prices vary among the products. Foliar fertilization is actually a very feasible way to fertilize. Most products only require 1 to 2 qts per acre.


Our products are priced not the highest and not the lowest, but our products are of the highest quality! They are specially designed for your plants needs! You cannot afford not to try our products; you and your plants will notice the difference.


When should I apply your product?

It does depend on the crop and stage of growth of the plant. There are windows of opportunity in providing foliars to assist growth, quality, increased yields etc. After knowing this our salesmen can assist you.


Is it really as good as you say?

All our products contain a series of selected natural organic compounds which chelate or complex nutrients and keep them in functional form until they are utilized by the plant. Such natural products are obtained from plant and micro-organism sources.


We strive at Baicor to provide the best product to help your plants and increase yields.


Do you have specific products for roses,

vegetables, vine crops, trees, and shrubs?

"Yes", We have products for these specific plants.


Please contact us and we can help you find what will work best for your situation.


How safe are Baicor products

to use on fruits and vegetables?

They are very safe. You can eat fruits and vegetables within 24 hours after applying product.


I want a lawn fertilizer that will make my lawn green and healthy, without having to mow it two times a week. Do you have a product like that?

"Yes", Gene’s Booster would work great. It is a 19-2-2 with 1% iron. This product gives your lawn the healthy green appearance you are looking for. Sometimes turf requires a little more iron; when this occurs Iron Combo Chelate in combination with Gene’s Booster works well.


Are Baicor Products Proven?

They have been used over 20 years by Home and Garden, Agriculture, Golf and Turf Growers. We have used them in our own laboratory, greenhouse, and field plots. In addition, independent growers use our products with complete satisfaction. Golf courses, flower gardens, vegetables gardens, and greenhouses use Baicor Products throughout the world. Our nutrient products are manufactured using the finest of materials; foliar nutrients are in true solution and the proper form for effective uptake and use by the plant.


I have a retail store, how do I get your products?

We would be happy to indicate the distributors serving your area.


I am a wholesale greenhouse grower,

how can I find out what products to use?

Please contact us and we will indicate our distributors inyour area.


How do I use Baicor Products?

Phyto-Plus (Greek for plant) products can be used as a foliar, dripline, or added as a drench or banding around the plant. Instructions are printed on the label as to methods of application, time to be applied, rate and use for different plants. We have a product for every circumstance and type of plant, be it flower, vegetable, shrub, tree or turf. Call for specifics from our knowledgeable staff.

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