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Micro-Plenty 2-0-1 (OMRI)

An excellent general purpose foliar/soil product when more than one nutrient is deficient. In addition to nitrogen and potassium, MICRO-PLENTY™ has all the essential micronutrients in one package.

Organic growers, hydroponic, safe
Oregon organic certification.
Washington organic certification.
Pints, Quarts, Gallons, Drums

Chelated Copper 5% (WSDA)

Copper plays a critical role in photosynthesis and is necessary for chlorophyll formation. Copper is a component of several important enzymes within the plant, activates enzymes in respiration processes, and aids amino acid to protein conversions. Copper also contributes to the development of color and flavor in fruits and vegetables.

High Tide 0-0-0 (WSDA)

A high concentrate of Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum).It contains natural organic acids, amino acids and detergents to enhance uptake and facilitate translocation to cellular sites of activity.

Molybdenum Complex 3% (WSDA)

All plants require Molybdenum for conversion of nitrates to amino acids and into metabolic compounds, e.g. protein. It is also required by legumes (alfalfa, peas, beans, clover, etc.) for the fixation of nitrogen. Molybdenum is often a forgotten nutrient, although it is essential for growth and development of all plants.

Cobalt Complex 3%(WSDA)

Cobalt is part of vitamin B-12 and is essential for all nitrogen fixing plants (peas, beans, alfalfa, etc.) in their symbiotic relationship with nodule bacteria.

Specifically formulated with the concerned grower in mind. Based on years of research and application, BAICOR® products can provide the results that certified growers have come to trust.

Finally™  2.4-0-3 (WSDA)

Organic approved and contains in addition to nitrogen and potassium Mn, Zn, Cu, B, and sulfur. The nitrogen source is entirely from amino acids.  This together with high organic acids provides facilitators, chelators, stabilizing agents, and ready transport through the plant for immediate and later plant nutrition.  The amino acids are a mixture of essential amino acids for the plant and are also active biological agents for triggering stress relief in plants (ie. heat, cold, salt, vigorous seedling growth).

Foliar Friend (OMRI)

This non-ionic organic surfactant, wetting agent and penetrant is designed to enhance the spreadability and performance of all foliar applied products.

Plant Stimulator (OMRI)

Composed of natural derivative from plant extracts including carbohydrates, and organic acids. It is 4 products in 1.

Boron Complex 3% (OMRI)

Essential for plant nutrition and one of the least understood of all plant nutrients. Boron is involved in the synthesis and/or translocation of sucrose (sugars) in the plant. Boron is also with cell wall stability as with calcium.

Calcium Chelate 5% (OMRI)

Calcium is taken up through the root tipes in the soil. In times of calcium demand by the plant, it may not be able to satisfy its need by root uptake. This results in internal brown spot for potatoes, blossom end rot in tomoatoes, etc.

Chelated Magnesium 2.5% (OMRI)

An essential part of the chlorophyll molecule, which is critical for photosynthesis. It helps in the formation of amino acids, vitamins and sugars.

Chelated Manganese 5% (OMRI)

Manganese is essential for many enzyme activities and helps control plants natural growth regulator levels. It aids in nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium uptake and utilization by the plant.

Chelated Iron 5% (OMRI)

Essential for chlorophyll formation. Plants require it for photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation and nitrate reduction. It is an essential activator and component for many enzymes within the cells of plants.

Chelated Zinc 5% (OMRI)

Required by plants in high micro-levels for maintaining enzymatic activity and auxin levels. It is involved in the production and use of growth regulators. A deficiency of zinc greatly reduces plant growth and quality of all crops.

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