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Soil Stimulator  9-0-0 + Calcium

A Soil and Root Stimulator!  It is used as an aid to improve soil texture, increase water penetration, increase cell wall structure, improve nutrient uptake, stimulate micro-flora and improve alkaline (high pH) and saline soils.

Whether you have a garden or a huge farm that needs fertilizer, we supply the size that fits.
We strive to meet the needs of our clients.

Starter 2-2-4

Crops respond well to optimum levels of fertilization both in terms of yield and quality. In addition to soil and plant analysis, fertilizer rates are dependent on a number of factors, such as time of harvest, variety, plant population, and previous crop.  Soil tests, plant tissue analysis and observations of visual deficiency symptoms are important diagnostic tools when problems with micronutrients are suspected.

Foliar Friend

An organic surfactant (wetting agent)  that helps fertilizers and other products penetrate deep into the leaves of plants to increase their effectiveness.

Gold Star 10-9-5 + Micro Nutrients

Specially formulated to be used as a starter or in banding for soil applications as well as an effective foliar fertilizer during the crop growing season. It can also be applied with drip line irrigation systems and fertigation/injector, pivot and line systems.  This product works great for greenhouse purposes.

2-9-5 + Micro Nutrients

Specially formulated to be used as a starter or in banding for soil applications. It is also an effective foliar fertilizer during the crop growing season. It can also be applied with drip line irrigation systems and fertigation/ injector, pivot and line systems.

Micro Mix

A high zinc trace nutrient fertilizer that contains complexed zinc, iron, manganese and boron to satisfy the needs of your plants for essential micro-nutrients. The micro-nutrients are completely complexed and contain a base of natural organic and amino acids, which are readily biodegradable, and supply energy to the plant.

High Phos  8-25-3

A unique source of high phosphorus with potassium and chelated iron designed for use in the soil. It is meant to be added to the soil through the drip line, sprinkle irrigation or banding near the plant as a supplement to complete soil nutrition.

Calphos  7-2.8-0  + Ca

A unique product like no other.  Through the innovation of our research team, Baicor® has been able to produce a product with high amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus that remain in solution. Calcium is primarily taken up through the root tips in the soil. In times of peak calcium demand, the plant may not be able to satisfy its needs by root uptake.  This results in internal brown spot for potatoes, blossom end rot in tomatoes, bitter pit in apples etc.  Foliar addition of calcium assures adequate nutrients for membranes, cell wall development and plant structure.

Alfalfa Blend 5-8-8

Specially formulated for alfalfa and nitrogen fixing plants. Yield, relative feed value (RFV), protein and fiber content and other valuable components are important for alfalfa crops. ALFALFA BLEND™ is a foliar fertilizer with a balanced phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen content containing high levels of trace nutrients, iron, copper, boron, molybdenum and cobalt.  It is an ideal product to enhance plant growth and development.

Nutra Gel  12-3-9

An excellent all-purpose fertilizer as well as a great starter for your plants, providing continuous fertilization for up to 3-6 months.  After its nutrients are exhausted, the gel continues to act as an absorbent and can even take up new nutrients, providing plants with better growing conditions.

Gene's Turf Booster 19-2-2

Specially formulated for crops and plants that utilize high amounts of nitrogen. GENES BOOSTER™ is chelated with organic and amino acids found naturally in plants and soil. GENES BOOSTER™ contains three forms of nitrogen for fast and long term uptake as well as phosphorus, potassium and chelated iron.

NBE  1-1-1

A unique product that was designed to accelerate growth and development of seedlings. When applied on the seed, growth of the root and shoot is increased significantly in the first 10 days. For germinating seeds, this accelerated growth establishes a larger root mass, provides a shoot that is able to penetrate the soil surface and have a larger leaf surface to initiate a higher photosynthetic rate. This often means the difference for a good or successful crop and could eliminate reseeding under poor soil conditions.

Bio Amino  4-1-1

Bio-Amino Nitrogen contains high amounts of amino acids, organic acids and fulvic acid extract. The nitrogen is available from amino acids for immediate use. Seaweed provides bio stimulants that regulate plant growth and development and also elicitors which activate the plants immune defense system creating a resistance to pathogen attack.

Pints, Quarts, Gallons, Drums

Micro Feast  5-3-4

A unique product like no other!  It is a fertilizer and fosters helpful micro-organism growth when used in the soil. It feeds and builds micro-flora to help make nutrients more available to the plant.

Excel Triple 5   5-15-5

A high phosphate product and contains calcium.  This combination is unique to only a few products, where both calcium and phosphate remain in true solution.  Baicor researchers have produced Excel Triple 5, which incorporates high amounts of calcium, phosphorus and also potassium.  Calcium is primarily taken up through the underdeveloped root tip in the soil.  At times of peak demand, although there is adequate calcium in the soil, the plant may experience deficiency.  This may result in blossom end rot in tomato, bitter pit in apple, internal brown spot in potato, etc.  Foliar addition of calcium may assure adequate nutrients for growth and development.  Phosphorus is present in high amounts in the only plant usable phosphate form, phosphate.  The highest concentration of phosphorus within the plant is in the cell plasma; it is intimately involved in all energy-related reactions.  Plants with adequate phosphorus are more resistant to all stress conditions including disease infections.

Slam Dunk  0-21-28

Contains organic acids, amino acids and natural biological compounds with growth regulators.  Phosphorus is entirely in the plant – usable ortho-phosphate form for maximum growth and development.  The high ortho–phosphate is in combination with highly concentrated potassium in the ionic form for maximum uptake, translocation and utilization.  This is a combination of two of the essential nutrients required in highest amounts by the plant.

Nutra Green 5-10-5

A unique and True All Purpose fertilizer.  Many other products use this word “All Purpose” but may mislead consumers.  Nutra Green™ contains the essential nutrients needed by the plant in a completely balanced, organic-based formula, ideal for optimal plant development.  It is used all around the world in Agriculture and is excellent for all horticultural plants as well as vegetable gardens.  Nutra Green™ contains high balanced concentrations of micro-nutrients compared to other all purpose fertilizers.

P.K. 2-6-12

A low nitrogen, high potassium and phosphorus fertilizer containing selected micronutrients including molybdenum and cobalt.  This product is designed for crops under stress or where limited vegetative growth is desirable.

Manganese Shotgun

A high concentration of manganese, zinc and iron.  The micro nutrients are highly chelated with organic acids, amino acids and carbohydrates that are natural components of the plant.  These components are easily recognized by the plant, bio-degradable and supply energy to the plant and soil micro-organisms.

Zinc Shotgun

A fertilizer that focuses on micronutrients to satisfy needs of customers seeking high zinc with manganese, iron and copper. The micronutrients are completely chelated with natural organic acids, amino acids, and carbohydrates that are readily bio-degradable and supply energy to the plant and soil microflora.

Iron Combo Chelate

A broad spectrum micro-nutrient fertilizer containing natural, organic-based, chelates of iron, zinc, manganese, copper and boron.  It can be applied to lawns, trees, shrubs, greenhouse plants, flowers and gardens.  Any plant with Iron Chlorosis or micro-nutrient deficiencies can be effectively foliated with Iron Combo-Chelate™.

Golden Grain 7-5-5

Specially formulated for grain crops. This fertilizer is balanced with phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen content containing high levels of trace nutrients, iron, zinc, and manganese.  It contains proprietary activators to assist and help in translocation of nutrients essential for plant growth.

Uptake 3-20-17

A unique and effective product that contains high amounts of phosphorus and potassium to enhance and stimulate plant and root development.

Plant Stimulator (Conventional)

A bio-stimulant containing selected biological stimulants including natural plant metabolites, protein and enzyme precursors.  It enhances utilization and translocation of nutrients in fertilizer blends & foliars.

High Tide (Conventional) 1-2-2

­­High Tide is a high concentrate of Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum). It contains natural organic acids, amino acids and detergents to enhance uptake and facilitate translocation to cellular sites of activity.

Stress Reducer™   1-2-2

Includes molecules in the plant that induce plant defense responses. These include molecules in the plant called elicitors that may be derived from biological or chemical compounds.  Generally biotic elicitors trigger plant responses at high concentrations.  The duration of protection is variable depending on elicitor, crop type of stress.  Research has shown heat, cold, salt, other types of environmental stresses, disease and maintaining a healthy plant are often induced by elicitors for weeks or months.  For example low concentrations of elicitors may provide protection for plants to grow in a salty soil that in their absence cannot sustain life.

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